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Monday, April 04, 2005

Tanakh (1985 JPS edition)


At Tue Apr 12, 09:21:00 PM, Blogger Wayne Leman said...

Gen. 15:15
"As for you,
You shall go to your fathers in peace;
You shall be buried at a ripe old age."

Even in this context, I personally do not get the meaning of "die" from the literal translation of the Hebrew idiom "go to your fathers." All other formally equivalent or moderately formally equivalent English versions that I checked retained the Hebrew idiom literally as the Tanakh does. Versions which translate the figurative meaning clearly include: TEV, CEV, GW, NCV, NLT.

At Sun Apr 17, 07:30:00 AM, Blogger Wayne Leman said...

Ps. 55:1 "Give ear, O God, to my prayer"

"Give ear to" is obsolescent English. I have never heard any fluent English speaker in my lifetime (I qualify for AARP discounts) speak or write "give ear to."

Proper English today is:

"Listen to my prayer, O God"


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