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Sunday, May 15, 2005

ESV links

I am a collector. Among other things, I collect data. I collect information about Bible versions. I enjoy sharing this information with others. I have begun a webpage with links to information about the ESV. You can click on the title "ESV links," above, for this blog post to get to the new webpage. Although I have tried to be as complete as possible, this is a work in progress. I'm sure that there are other items which I do not know about yet which should go on the webpage. I would especially like to know about any other scholarly reviews of the ESV which are missing on the webpage. I will add missing items to the links webpage as quickly as possible, but could you help me also? Just click on the "comments" link after this message and post your information. Or, if you prefer, email me with the information. You can find my email address by clicking on the "View my complete profile" link in the right margin of this blog. I will add information provided to my ESV links webpage ASAP. Thanks.

P.S. I created a webpage with TNIV links a year or two ago for anyone interested.



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