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Friday, August 19, 2005

Biblical tagging

Tim Bulkeley of SansBlogue has added tags to his blog posts. Tags enable a blogger to sort posts by subject matter and to help other bloggers find posts on that tagged subject. Tim has a good idea: coming up with some standard tags for bibliobloggers and Bible study categories.

I've been adding my (Technorati) tags manually to my blog posts but wishing for some more automated procedure. I'm going to spend some time this weekend checking out the tagging process Tim is using. You might want to, also.

UPDATE: During this weekend I have added tags. Technorati is picking them up and displaying them along with my previous Technorati tags. My list of post categories in the right margin had gotten so long that I changed to a drop-down list for them. I like it. Thanks, again, to Tim, for ideas which, I think, have led to a better tagging system on this blog.

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