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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Getting fed ... by RSS

I enjoy finding out when other blogs post on Bible translation issues. For many biblioblogs I get that information through an RSS feed to my RSS reader. Many blogs have an icon or link which gives the special address needed for the RSS feed from those blogs. Many bloggers, include those of us who post on this blog, of course, use the free services of and Blogspot. In case you did not know, you can get an RSS feed from any Blogspot blog which has proper code in its template (most do). The syntax to get that feed is:
So, for instance, if you wanted to get the RSS feed from this Better Bibles Blog, you would substitute the BBB's blog URL name, which is "englishbibles" resulting in:
That is exactly what you would copy into the Add RSS address window of your RSS reader. This blog, like many others, has a blog URL (Internet address) which is different from the name of the blog that you see at the top of the blog page when you visit the blog. Another way to think of it is that you add "atom.xml" to the end of a Blogspot URL to get its RSS feed.

Well, now in case you did not know before, now you know how to keep up with new posts at other Blogspot biblioblogs.

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At Thu Aug 25, 05:41:00 PM, Blogger Peter Kirk said...

Even more simply, you can follow the "Subscribe/Syndicate: XML" link in the blog, or copy the link address which is the URL Wayne mentions here.


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