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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Google Print on Bible translation

Google keeps adding new services to its already rich services which are available to the public. I just used Google Print for the first time. If you want to see how Google Print works, click on the link to this post. I typed in the keywords "Bible translation" and Google quickly gave me a list of books which focus on Bible translation. If I click on the link to one of those books, I will be able to read at least one page from that book which focuses on Bible translation. I clicked on the link for the last book on the Google results page, The Origin of the Bible. I was taken to page 269 of the book which raised interesting questions about whether women were included in some of the wordings in the New Testament which sound like they only refer to men.

I anticipate that Google Print, and other services like it which will surely follow shortly, will be of help to Bible translators, enabling us to read exegetical resources which are not in our own libraries but which have information we need to doing better Bible translation.


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