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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Review: A User's Guide to Bible Translations gives a short but helpful review of one of the newest surveys of English Bible translations, A User's Guide to Bible Translations, by British pastor, David Dewey, published early in 2005 by InterVarsity Press. David participates on the Bible translation email discussion list and has commented some on this blog, as well. I have this book and agree with the reviewer's conclusion about it:
I highly recommend A User’s Guide to Bible Translations, for people who want to purchase a new Bible as well as for pastors who need to explain to their parishioners the differences between and relative merits of various translations.
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At Fri Aug 05, 03:42:00 AM, Anonymous Oliver said...

I also finished this book recently and liked it a lot: It is short, but concise, his descriptions and judgements are clear, and he tries to refrain from theological bias.

Also a big plus: It is AFAIK the most up-to-date book of its kind on the market at the moment (even including already the TNIV) and thus can compete, at least for some time, with the information available online.




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