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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Heroes of summer blogging

I force myself to sit and write this morning. But the first words that rolled off my tongue were, "We at the BBB are like crocodiles blinking in the sun." That is, we look asleep but we are still thinking, ready to pounce on an issue. But I doubt that is true, we have gone camping, or to distant places, I don't even know. But the phrase "crocodiles blinking in the sun" is from Andrew Lang's Fairy Tales and can only reflect, not a disrespect for my cobloggers, but my own descent into summer. No flat proposition says enough, we must be either "crocodiles in the sun" or "kittens lapping milk" or both at once.

So where is the action? Who is still in direct communication with their cognitive function while I wonder off into lassitude?

1. This Lamp has given us a spate of Bible translation reviews. Wow, Rick? What is Wayne paying you for this?

Eugene Peterson's The Message (Top Ten Bible Versions, #5)

Follow-Up to the Message: What Is the Proper Use of a Bible Paraphrase?

The Revised English Bible (Top Ten Bible Versions #6)

2. Justin Taylor has been blogging with enthusiasm on my favourite topic, "How to write". What a great blog, Justin!

Lewis on How to Become a Better Writer and lots more. Cruise through his summer offerings.

3. Adrian Warnock has been blogging on some very useful topics.

Being free from the Yoke of Legalism

Speaking the Truth in Love

4. Lingamish, I swear Lingamish once gave us a lecture on not wasting our God-given time on so much blogging. Thank goodness he relents and joins us. What an addition to the blogosphere!

Biblish Here Lingamish reflects on a verse from the KJV and Peter and I have a discussion about the past subjunctive form in contra-factual conditional sentences. In moments like these I am uneasily reminded that in a previous incarnation I was a French grammar teacher. Can you imagine addressing a class full of teenagers, "And today, class, we have the past subjunctive forms and their use in the contrafactual conditional sentence!" ;-) However, it is a worthy topic for the comment section, and I believe, we are both right. That is our firm position here at the BBB, in any case of disagreement, we are all of us right.

5. Threads from Henry's Web Henry takes up a discussion started here.

KJV Nostalgia and Standards

KJV Only: Anatomy of an Argument

If you are out there writing long and sumptuous summer posts and wish to be mentioned here, please email me.


At Wed Jul 19, 12:35:00 PM, Blogger David Ker said...

I'm guilty as charged! Thanks for the plug. My kids think all heroes have light sabers. They'll be happy to hear someone thinks their Dad is heroic.

At Wed Jul 19, 01:25:00 PM, Blogger R. Mansfield said...

Wow, Rick? What is Wayne paying you for this?

Wayne flies to Kentucky twice a month just to wash my truck for me.


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