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Monday, April 18, 2005

5-5 contest

In an effort to prime the pump on this new blog to get more posts from others, I have decided to have a contest with prizes. Here is how it will work:

Who may enter: anyone who wishes to post a comment which follows the guidelines of this blog, which are basically that posts be gracious, as professional as possible, and specific to a particular wording from an English Bible version.

Contest rules: to be eligible as a contest winner, you must post comments on problematical translation wordings of at least 5 different Bible passages from at least 2 different Bible versions. The comments need to be in your own words, not copied from some other website.

Winners: The first 5 people to post qualifying comments will each win a prize. If posts are made at close to the same time, winners will be determined by date and time of posts as they are labeled by the blog software.

Prizes: I have 5 different English Bible versions to give away as prizes. They are:

1. nearly new beautiful hardback NLT, First Edition
2. nearly new paperback TNIV
3. older hardback NIV
4. HCSB: new large print paperback of the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs
5. my old personal TEV (antique value??; Who knows? Maybe I will become famous someday and you might become rich from having my old Bible!!)

Contest beginning: April 18
Contest end: when all prizes are given away

Disqualifications: I will be the judge if any comments are considered off-topic for this blog, not specific enough, etc. I will be fair, but if you enter the contest all the usual legal rules apply, you will not hold me liable in case your computer stops working after you post, etc. etc.!! :-)

First come, first served for the prizes, in other words, the first winner will get to pick which of the Bible version prizes listed here they want. The next winner will get to pick from the prizes remaining. I will pay the postage to mail your prize to you. Please let me know your mailing address via private email (please don't post your address publicly on this blog, for your own security).

Feel free to let your friends know about this contest in case they might want to win, also. You can let me know by email as soon as you post your contest comments on this blog. You can find my email address if you click on the View my complete profile link in the upper left portion of the main page of this blog (or in this sentence). As usual (see Welcome message), please post your comments under the Bible version for which the comments are made. Then, why don't you also place a comment under this contest message after you have posted, just telling which Bible versions you posted comments about and which of the prizes you have chosen. That way other contestants will be able to track how the contest is going and which prizes are left.

Have fun!


At Tue Apr 19, 07:52:00 AM, Blogger Wayne Leman said...

George, I tried to move your comments about the KJV to a Bible version category, but I made a mistake and accidentally deleted it. Would you be willing to post it again? I suggest that you post it under "Odds and Ends" since I do not have a category for the KJV itself. Thanks, Wayne

At Thu Apr 21, 06:39:00 PM, Anonymous Delia said...

Hello Wayne
Have you read the "BIBLLE ENLIGHTENED.Hidden Teaching Reveald".Vishwa Nirmala Dharma,Dec.1995,Printed&Published by Computex Graphics,Bombay(Mumbay),India.
I think there is also a shorter version now printed in the USA.

At Thu Apr 21, 09:20:00 PM, Blogger Wayne Leman said...

No, Delia, I have not read this book. But after reading your message I have gotten information about this book.

I invite you to post comments on any specific translation wordings of the English Bible versions listed on this blog, if you wish to do so.

Best wishes.

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