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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Well done

For those who have been following my blog posts, this may seem rare (ahem!), but I think there should be some place on this blog where we can give pats on the backs, atta-boys, or well dones. Obviously, we wouldn't want to post an entire version, or an entire chapter of a version, to say "Well done," (besides there might be some copyright issues), but I'd like to be able to mention some wordings I have noticed in Bible versions which have stood out to me as well done, and that experience actually isn't too rare (ahem!). :-)

I'll start out by mentioning that I was thinking of posting on the phrase "it came to pass" and I checked my program which has lots of English versions to see which of them had this phrase. Only the KJV and RSV do, from the versions I checked. I then checked the ESV which often follows the RSV wording, naturally enough, since the ESV is a revision of the RSV. I was pleased to find that in Gen. 41:13 the ESV has "it came about" rather than the RSV wording "it came to pass." Well done, ESV team! You didn't retain the rather obsolescent wording "it came to pass."

Whoops, I just used the search engine under the ESV section of this blog and I see that there are 3 "it came to pass" wordings and 8 "came to pass" (which include the previous 3) wordings still left in the ESV. Really, those numbers are not bad at all. The ESV team may even decide to revise all of them to "(it) came about" in their next revision. But the ESV team still deserves a "well done", since there must be many more passages where they have revised "it came to pass" to a more contemporary wording.

And now, feel free to post other "well dones" in comments under this post. I think it would be best to be about a specific passage that strikes you as being well done.

Oh, I will still post what I wanted to on "it came to pass." But that will wait for another day to, uh, come to pass! :-) I think you'll find that post interesting. It is about an experience my wife and I had many years ago. Curious? Stay tuned.


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