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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I've been tagged

I've read a number of blog posts which said that that blogger has been tagged. What was meant was that that blogger now is supposed to list their five favorite books, or something like that. Well, I haven't been tagged that way, not yet, anyway. Instead, I've been adding Technorati tags to my blog posts. For instance, if my blog post is about the ESV, I end a blog post by including the following HTML code: {a href="" rel="tag"}ESV{/a} (substitute angled brackets for my curly brackets). The Technorati service then picks up this tag when my blog pings it (when a new post is published). Anyone searching on Technorati for blog posts about the ESV then finds my new post along with posts from other bloggers about the ESV.

I have found the Technorati tagging service a convenient way to emulate the categories function which is found on blogs serviced by WordPress and some other blog providers, but not yet on the free service.

If you go to the right margin of my blog and scroll down to the "Technorati categories" section you can see that I have manually posted the category tags which I've been using with my blog posts. By clicking on any of those links, you can find other posts throughout the blogosphere on the same topic. I think the tags I am using are fairly safe right now, but I noticed on one blog today that the blogger was using inappropriate tags to bring in more traffic, and it was working. Hopefully, that inappropriate means of building up traffic for a blog will be squelched by blog and search services, just as there have efforts by search engines to thwart the efforts of some to draw more traffic to their website by posting "hidden" (or even not hidden) key words, typically pornorgraphic. Use of inappropriate tags results in false positive hits when someone is truly searching for a specific topic.

Well, maybe some of you would like to tag your own blogs. There are directions on the tags page of the Technorati website, which you can read by clicking on the title to this blog post.

I've been tagged. Oh, now you're it!

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