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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Let the diablogue begin!

Dave Rattigan, who calls himself an armchair linguist, has raised some good questions about whether I am simply for good quality "plain English" or if I am part of the camp of those who police language calling for "proper English," such as proper language advocate, William Safire. (Click on the title to this post to read Dave's comments.)

I gladly accept Dave's invitation to diablogue on this topic. It is one that needs clarification, obviously, since my blog posts have not been clear enough for Dave to tell where I stand.

I have to eat breakfast now then get on with my day job, but "I'll be back" (but not in a Hummer, sorry, Arnold).

BTW, I have appreciated reading Dave's blog posts, both on his linguistically oriented Scambled Eggs blog and his Grace Pages blog. Dave has a good head for language matters.


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