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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Translation categories to monitor

Here are some translation categories to be alert to when evaluating English Bible versions:

1. inaccurate wordings (including wrong meaning, zero meaning, and added meaning)
2. obscure language
3. archaic language
4. nonstandard English wordings
5. periphrasis (circumlocutions)
6. ungrammatical wordings
7. inappropriate register for target audience
8. collocational clashes
9. ideological conformity (important for some groups)

There may be others. Can you think of any I have missed here?

In my next post, Iwill write about some ungrammatical wordings I have found in several English Bible versions, not simply wordings which are old or odd in current English, but wordings which are actually ungrammatical. I hope you're curious and will come back to read the post.



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