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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The polls are still open

Thank you to each one of you who has ("have," if you treat "each one" as a plural, as I often do) voted in one or more of my polls in the right margin of this blog. This is just to say that if you haven't voted, I invite you to do so. I don't think any of the polls will take very long. And the results are interesting as well as helpful in the cause of making better Bibles. There definitely are trends showing up in the voting so far, even thought it would be nice for statistical integrity if several hundred more votes would be cast. But, alas, this blog is not one of the more popular ones in the blogosphere, so it doesn't get the hundreds of visitors needed to get more votes in the polls. In spite of being a less frequented blog, we are committed to providing quality, accurate information and a place where anyone can bring their questions about any phrases in English Bible versions and note them under the appropriate version, also in the right margin of the blog (beneath the polls, no sense of hierarchy or importance implied!). Hopefully, in time, the numbers of people who make use of our blog resources will increase so that good numbers of people are stimulated to think carefuly about translation issues in the Bibles they read. Actually, I am pleased by the numbers of people visiting this blog already in the short time that it has been up.

I look forward to discussing the results of the polls in future posts. There are ("is," if you just write as I normally speak about data!) some interesting linguistic and translational data showing up in some of the data-oriented polls.


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