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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

another favorite Bible versions poll

New Testament scholar Scot McKnight has had a poll up for about a week, asking visitors to his blog which is their favorite Bible version. 235 votes had been cast so far when I checked before writing this post. Even though the ESV has not yet made it into the top ten best selling versions on the CBA monthly list, it is the favorite (22%) among those visiting Scot's blog. That shows something about the quality and tone of Scot's posts, since he has stated on his blog that he doesn't even own a copy of the ESV and doesn't have positive feelings about it.

If however, we add together the 20% of votes for the NIV and 15% for the TNIV, which seems reasonable, the two together get 35% of all votes cast so far.

Favorite Bible versions polls are often conducted on the Internet. I wish I had kept track of the results from each of them. It would be interesting to see how much variation there has been during more intense times of discussion about various versions.

Well, if you haven't voted in Scot's poll yet, it is still open, and you can.


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