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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Relevant to Relevance

Arbitrarily deciding a few moments ago to follow the link Wayne has here for the SIL online Journal of Translation I notice that the new issue is out. One of the papers is a comparison by David Weber of the Code Model and Relevance Theory. Clicking on the title of this post will get you the abstract of Weber's paper and a link to the downloadable version of the paper. Gutt briefly addresses this same topic in his monograph Relevance Theory: A Guide to Successful Communication in Translation but doesn't spend long enough on the comparison.

From the few pages of this paper I have so far read it looks as if Weber provides all of us interested in Bible translation with another good introduction to this important and sometime difficult linguistic theory. Maybe after reading it some of the mystique of Relevance Theory will disappear and its relevance to translation become clearer. I plan to spend sometime over this coming weekend, which here in Britain includes a public holiday on Monday, reading Weber's paper.



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