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Monday, August 15, 2005

SansBlogue: Trackback and Podcast Bible

Tim Bulkeley, Bible professor and a blogger who applies new technologies to biblical studies, has installed Trackback. He also mentions his new website where he hopes to postcast the Bible. In our post-literate society those, such as Tim, who are concerned about decreasing Bible usage, are finding new ways for people to hear the Bible.

Some have already been podcasting the Bible on the Internet for some time. And I anticipate that Bible podcasting will increase. Wouldn't it be wonderful if many iPods and other mp3 players had Bibles on them?

Increasing oral access to the Bible calls for greater attention paid by Bible translators to oral quality of their translations. Some versions, such as the CEV, were specifically designed for oral use (as well as reading). As part of its translation process, the CEV translators read it aloud to each other. Over the years I have encouraged other translation teams to do the same. We often can catch problems in the literary flow of a translation better with our ears than we can with our eyes.

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