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Friday, November 04, 2005

NET Bible announcement

We (our team and you) are making history with the release of the NET
Bible-First Edition after 10 years of faithful translation work by our team
of scholars and with input from many thousands of faithful users.
We are thankful for the opportunity to serve our Lord by allowing people and
ministries to freely use the NET Bible with all 60,932 translators notes for
personal and global ministry.

In our traditional fashion we have first posted the NET Bible electronically
online for free access and use prior to releasing the print version. By
owning the copyright to the NET Bible we can use it freely as a "Ministry
First" translation of Gods Word. Learn more about what Ministry First means to us, to you, and to the

The First Edition is available beginning today. Please get your free
download version on at NET Bible download

I personally want to say "Thank you" for your past and future prayers,
suggestions and financial support of!

In Him Always,

Dave Foran
Executive Director
Home of the NET Bible

UPDATE by Wayne Leman: There is an error in the HTML code for the standard HTML version (zipped) of the downloadable First Edition: The famous NET Bible footnotes are not accessible. They are accessible fine in the HTML Help version, which is a single large file.



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