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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

ESV reviews by Rodney Decker

The most scholarly, fair, and detailed reviews of the ESV, to date, are by conservative seminary professor, Rodney Decker. Decker has posted to his resources-rich website both short and long versions of his review of the ESV. Although Decker wrote his reviews some time ago, they are especially relevant right now when the blogosphere is focusing on the ESV and different versions of its origins. Decker is, in my opinion, thoroughly fair as he evaluates the ESV. He discusses things he likes about the ESV as well as weaknesses.

I commend Decker's reviews to anyone wishing to get as factual and scholarly insight into the ESV as possible. Readers need to be prepared to wrestle with some technical material in Decker's reviews, but that material is still accessible to non-scholars.

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At Fri Feb 24, 08:00:00 PM, Blogger Gummby said...

Wayne, thanks for bringing this up. I think you're right about Decker's review, and for people trying to make up their minds about it's value as a translation, there may not be a better evaluation out there.

happy ESV user


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