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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

TNIV in The Bible Experience

For me, The Bible Experience is probably the best audio production of the Bible that has ever been made. Today Brandilyn Collins posted on The Bible Experience in her blog:
It's here! Zondervan's ground-breaking audio version of the New Testament (using the TNIV--Today's New International Version) is now on sale. The entire New Testament is dramatically acted, complete with sound effects and musical score. Want to hear the story of Jesus calming the stormy sea? Click here.
I previwed some portions of The Bible Experience a couple of months ago and was very impressed with its quality. The version used for The Bible Experience is the TNIV. Unfortunately, critics of the TNIV have received so much media, Internet, blog, and church exposure that the public does not often get an opportunity to hear good things about the TNIV. The Bible Experience is a good thing. I hope that it will help many to experience the message of the Bible in a new and vibrant way. And I hope that it will cause those who have believed the critics of the TNIV to pause and wonder whether the TNIV is inaccurate as the critics claim. From my own careful study of the evidence, I find that the evidence for inaccuracy in the TNIV is very weak, indeed. Would I prefer some further revisions in the TNIV? Yes. But every Bible version can benefit from further revisions. That's why this blog exists, to help those who care about the Bible think of ways that English versions can be improved.

The TNIV is an accurate translation. It accurately communicates God's written Word to people today who speak the language found in the TNIV.

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At Sat Oct 14, 06:07:00 AM, Blogger Richard A. Rhodes said...

I'm sorry, I found the sample hard to take. I feel the musical background is much too heavy-handed.

But on the plus side, it is a general fact that well-acted (or well-recited) text is more understandable than written text alone. For example, performances of Shakespeare are much more understandable than the script alone (which is why we have our high school students watch film versions of the Shakespeare the curriculum requires). That alone should recommend versions like this -- if the music doesn't bother you.


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