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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tagged by This Lamp

Actually Rick tagged Wayne but he passed it along and I am not up to much serious blogging right now so here goes.

1. Favourite recent sport: Scuba diving.

This is a real accomplishment when you consider that I did my qualifying dive in a local park in November. Unlike tropical diving, here you get to struggle down a scenic woodsy trail in heavy suits and dive in cold water. However, it is always beautiful whether here or in those sunny blue reef waters.

2. Oldest hobby: plant identification

And making people suffer by eating jam made of berries which I protest are edible - like salal, oregon grape, red huckleberry, and so on. My ambition is to make jam out of every native edible berry which grows in BC.

3. Favourite teaching resource: The Ultimate Paper Airplane

This book once saved my life as a substitute teacher. It really doesn't matter whether you teach kindergarten or college students - this book is a must!

4. Favourite Musician: Scarlatti

I no longer remember the reason for this but I once played my way through an entire book of Scarlatti sonatas for most of one pregnancy. Now I prefer to listen to the CD.

5. My Dad was born in Rome, Georgia so I must be at least a little bit American.


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