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Monday, March 12, 2007

New Feeds for BBB

Now that this blog has been moved to the new version of Blogger, it has become possible to offer a greater range of feeds. I don't say RSS feeds, although that is the term many of you will be familiar with, because in fact Blogger prefers to offer Atom feeds, apparently a better technology.

Previously the only feed offered from BBB was a feed of all posts, and about 80 people are subscribed to this feed, which can be found here, and from a new link on the BBB sidebar.

The first new feed which I added yesterday was for all comments. This feed can be found here, and also in the sidebar. But it doesn't seem to be working properly, with regular updates. This may be a temporary glitch. (If any reader knows why, please let us know by commenting on this post.)

I have also set up a feed for comments on each post. The link to this is at the bottom of each page for an individual post, after the last comment. For example, the comments feed for this post is here.

These feeds are provided by default as Atom feeds, but (according to the Blogger documentation) they can be provided as RSS feeds, by adding "?alt=rss" to any feed URL.

See this help page and this one for how to make these changes on Blogger blogs. But the automatic code for blog feeds doesn't seem to be working properly (it mentions only the posts feed, not the comments feed), as well as not allowing flexible formatting.


At Mon Mar 12, 05:18:00 AM, Blogger Jason said...

Feeds are an important part of how I read the web, so thanks for making sure BBB takes full advantage of them.

At Mon Mar 12, 09:32:00 AM, Blogger Peter Kirk said...

The comment feed now seems to be working for me. Maybe it just isn't being updated, or Bloglines isn't picking it up, as quickly as these things should happen. If anyone else has trouble with this, please let me know.


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