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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Spinning Globes

Remember those spinning globes that everyone had to have on their website. I still love them, especially now that they have often become spinnable globes, controlled by the mouse. I have my favourite sites for school kids where they can rotate a globe or a 3-D shape at a whim - have the whole world in their hands. is another such luscious site. Here you can find statistics on evangelisation around the world. This site indexes churches, languages, and the status of Bible translation, Jesus Film translation, Radio broadcasts, along with population, transport and geographical information. One could spend all day with this stuff.

Take a look. I chose Bangladesh from the drop-down menu and found a map of Bible translation, with red representing "needs translation" while an interactive map also portrays Bible translation status. It is loaded in frames so I can't link to a specific map. Try the drop-down menu, choose a country, look at the Bible translation map and then select the interactive map for another look at similar data. Select topics from the right hand menu and the legend from the top toolbar.

I am not quite sure whether the data on one map match the data on the other map, but I haven't finished exploring and comparing. I have also found the Ethnologue page for Bengladesh but I don't see where or if it records on going Bible translation status by region. Is there somewhere to find this data? What else do you see at this site?


At Thu May 31, 08:05:00 AM, Blogger Wayne Leman said...

Patrick Johnstone and the Operation World research team have released much of the data that you are interested in. One can access their data in book or CD format. I would hope that the data would become available online also.

At Thu May 31, 10:44:00 AM, Blogger Peter Kirk said...

Some of the data at this site is unfortunately inaccurate, confused or very out of date, as I discovered by looking at the country (other than my own) which I know best. I have submitted some updates which were graciously accepted. But it is a huge task to keep this information on thousands of people groups and languages correct and up to date.


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