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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Notes on Jerome's Hebraica

I know this is incredibly self-indulgent and I always welcome someone else on the blog just posting over top of me when I do this - but-

I'm working on a brief history of shorthand in images for a presentation this fall and I had a space around the late middle ages. I needed an image of Tironian Notes circa 800.

Click on the image to enlarge.

This is a notebook of Karl Eberhart Henke from the 1960's. On this page he has recorded the text critical notes found in the margin of a 9th century manuscript of Jerome's Hebraica. These are some of the notes for Psalm 9. The third note down is a discussion of whether כַּפָּיו should read "the work of his hands" or "the work of his palms".

I don't know if knowledge of how to read these notes is being kept alive or not. Fortunately Henke's notes are very detailed. I apologize to those who have asked for other topics. I am indulging myself.


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