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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hen Scratches 20-08-07

I have been reading a lot of the posts and dialogues that are going around but haven't had much time to contribute so I am just enjoying them.

John and Lingamish write about loving language so here is my favourite language post and a poem I wrote last summer.

I bought the Canoscan 70 Lide, which has replaced the 25, and it works as advertised. I am puzzled though at why the wireless router and the scanner both had extra steps in installing that are not mentioned in the manual. Somehow I never manage the regular install, there is always that extra little step. I feel like a "slow learner".

Here is a little mystery for you. What does one make of this entry in the Georgii Pasoris Manuale Novi Testamenti, Ed. Christianus Schotanus. Amsterdam: Ex officina Elzeviriana, 1664?

Click on image to enlarge.

For those who asked I am thinking of a series on the names of G*d this fall. It won't be a 'gender' series but something to tie in with the Lindisfarne stuff. I am a bit busy right now though, so I don't know when I'll start. But it is on my mind. And Waltke, I haven't forgotten.

PS. Day 6 and the cat is still alive. I have to keep the cat from dog, the fish from the cat and all of them safely hidden away from the plumber or he won't come in. Sigh.


At Sat Sep 01, 11:38:00 AM, Blogger Roger Pearse said...

Not sure what you're looking for.

Kubernaw, w, guberno (I govern), properly I rule a ship. By the Hebrews, ... etc.


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