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Monday, December 17, 2007

Rooster scratches -- Monday, Dec. 17

Somehow "Rooster scratches" doesn't have quite the appeal as Suzannes's "Hen scratches," but maybe it will serve its purpose anyway.

I want to point you all to a blog post by ElShaddai Edwards which is a passionate appeal to all users of English Bibles. It's titled "Inerrancy in translation?.

I like one of his ending points:

Believe it or not, this is not a rant against any one translation or even against translation in general. It is simply a call for those of us who speak English to be reminded that we are reading a copy of God’s word as it was originally handed down to humankind. When we elevate any translation as the full meaning/form of God’s word, we are in legalistic error.

You'll want to read the comments to ElShaddai's post also.

Henry Neufeld also discusses inerrancy in his post Biblical Inerrancy and Evolution. Henry discusses a connection between belief in inerrancy of the biblical text and literalist readings of that biblical text.

Rick Mansfield tells us Eleven Ways to Care for Your New Bible.


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Thanks for the links!


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