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Monday, August 25, 2008

Anagrams of Bible Translations

Last week on my blog I wrote a post about anagrams for various Bible translations. I thought I'd try again here and give BBB readers a chance to use the Internet anagram server to create an anagram of a Bible version and post the result in the comments here. Feel free to rearrange results provided by the server.

My favorite is "A Valentine's Worst Lining."


At Mon Aug 25, 02:42:00 PM, Blogger Bible Reader's Museum said...

I don't know if it has been mentioned yet, but the entire book of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon has been rendered in anagram. It was done by Mike Keith and Richard Brodie. Visit The Anagrammed Bible for more information. Richard Brodie is now working on the book of Psalms here.

At Mon Aug 25, 03:39:00 PM, Blogger David Ker said...

That's crazy! I love it!

The Anagramed Psalm 1 is fabulous:

1. So, saints that honestly seek here the ways of the Lord, shunning all that which is rotten, find in the end, fortunes of absolute contentment. 2. Oh, he that waited findeth all hidden truth. Yea, God's light is able to dawn in his mind. 3. When sinless brethren shall look forward to salvation, if they have high hopes of this rather blessed eternal life, let the Lord be praised with an harp's airs. Ah that tune! 4. Oh, and the wicked guy? Straw blown in the fury of the air. Ah, the vice halted! 5. Note: another adulterer's gone, shunned into hell. The mighty throne of God grants justice for the sinning. 6. Ah, but thy God figures out who's holy; wherefore the filthy ones' dark path went to hell.


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