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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It came to pass

In my May 1 post I mentioned that I wanted to tell a story about the words in the title for this post. The time for that has now come to pass! :-)

Many years ago when our children were young, and we had some sickness or other struggles we were dealing with, we wrote a missionary letter to our prayer team asking them to pray for us in our difficulties. One dear lady wrote back along these lines, "Dear ones, be comforted by the wonderful words of Scripture, "It came to pass." Notice that the Bible does not say "It came to stay," but, "It came to pass." This time will not be with you forever."

It was a wonderful sentiment and we appreciated her expressing it to us. We also enjoyed some smiles between us as husband and wife over the explanation that was based on these words.

Now, can you tell what there was about the lady's understanding of the translation wording that would cause some smiles? Feel free to answer by clicking on the Comment link below this message and telling what you think.


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