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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

e-sword NET Bible

I just found out that the NET Bible is now available in the e-sword Bible program format. For e-sword there is a free NET Bible version (full text, but limited footnotes) and a premium version $19.95 (U.S.) with all the footnotes. To download the NET Bible module for e-sword, click on the title to this post. If you do not yet have a registration username and password for the NET Bible (and website, you will need to signup for them before you can download the e-sword module.

I like e-sword. It is one of the easiest Bible programs to use and it is freeware.

The NET Bible is still free for regular downloads from its website, in HTML and Microsoft Word formats. I have been using the HTML version for quite a few years. It also is very easy to use.

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