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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Shane's E-Z Guide to Bible Translations

Shane at Wesley Blog has blogged one of the most current overviews of major English Bible versions. I have appreciated Shane's clear thinking and writing in this blog post (click on the title to my post here to get to it). Shane seems to me to be someone who is willing to think independently of trends in thinking among various groups (that can be a valuable quality). Although neither you nor I will probably agree with everything Shane says, I do think his post is an important read for an informative, and, yes, accurate, overview of the most widely used English versions today.

Thanks, Shane, for posting your review. It is well done, and refreshing to read at a time like this when it is sometimes difficult to find reviews which are not a polemic for one version or another.

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At Sun Jun 26, 04:32:00 PM, Anonymous Joe Missionary said...

Thanks for the link - I thought that was a great post as well. I was a little disappointed that the comments section was basically, "I like the NIV"; "Well I like the KJV", etc. - rather than commenting on the post as a whole.

Kinda like when I tried (TRIED) to compare Calvinism with Arminianism. :^)


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