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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Spring cleaning on my blog

I am using RSSReader these days. I am able to monitor many more logs with the reader than I feel comfortable including in blogrolls on my blog. I especially like hearing the chime that means there are some new posts on some blogs and I can see what they are. A couple of days ago the reader chimed and let me know about a new post about blog demerits. I decided to read that post and started getting scared. Some of the things Tim Challies was saying were blog sins I have been committing. I held my breath as I read down Tim's list of blogs to which he was giving demerits, hoping that my sins had not been found out and posted for all the world to see. Phew! I escaped this time, but decided I needed to do some spring cleaning on my blog to avoid being caught in the future.

I got rid of the two biggest blogrolls, from the Evangelical Aggegator and the League of Reformed Bloggers. I found a way to link to those blogrolls without having each of the blogs displayed on my blog.

I did some other tidying up on my blog.

I do my best to compose and type well when I post, but I do often spot typos and some composition problems after I have published my post, so I am guilty of the sin Tim mentioned of updating my blog posts after they have been published the first time. I may yet get a public flogging for that sin. I have been using my spellchecker more often lately, before I publish a post. But still some things slip through.

I do want to ensure each of you who have linked to this Better Bibles Blog that I appreciate your links. And I have retained links to blogs which I consider most valuable to discussion of bettering Bible versions. I wish I could link to all of the interesting blogs I have come across but that would make my blogrolls too long. And now that I know that it is a blog sin, I am even less inclined to have long blogrolls.

I can assure you all that my RSSReader keeps me in contact with the blogs that I enjoy the most, not just blogs about biblical scholarship. I also enjoy blogs that display especially good writing. Outstanding among these are wind scraps. I also am intellectually stimulated by the thoughtful literary posts of J. Mark Bertrand.

So, if you don't see your blog listed on my blog, it doesn't mean I'm not interested in it. It may just mean I follow it with RSSReader (a nice freeware program which works very well, BTW).


At Sat Jun 25, 01:14:00 PM, Blogger language said...

That "blog demerits" post was funny but I wouldn't take it too seriously. There's really nothing wrong with big blogrolls; they do no harm, and even if you rarely visit some of them it's good to have them available.

Actually, what got my goat was something he didn't even mention, the title of έχω ζωη -- he complained about the foreign letters, but I'm complaining about the bad Greek -- it should be έχω ζωην (with 'life' in the accusative case). Tsk.

At Sun Jun 26, 04:28:00 AM, Blogger Trevor Jenkins said...

I agree with language; nah I'd go further the idea of blog demerits is a huge vanity. Blogs are personal reflections from their authors. Some do a good job and some not. A recent news item from the BBC North America correspondent discussed how some company CEOs haven't quite got what blogs are for; I suspect that those wanting to award blog demits make the same mistake.

One demerit in particular (the number of comments) is bogus . Back when all we had for exchanging personal views was Usenet newsgroups Brian Reid used to publish various statistics on groups. He estimated the readership of the top groups. His conclusions were always the number of people reading the material was several orders of magnitude higher than the number of people posting comments --- but then as the top groups were all carrying adult material is wasn't surprising that significant numbers didn't want to be identified prefering to read in the privacy of their own virtual home. There may be technical reasons why bloggers do not receive any comments: blogging system that doesn't allow them, deliberate decision to prevent spamming, etc. Or maybe the blogger doesn't care what others think.

As to this blog. Well it's the only one I use RSS (on my Firefox bookmarks). If there have been multiple updates each day I don't care. The only problem I have noticed is that occasional the RSS feed lags behind. Once or twice I've revisited an specfic entry only to find that there is a new blog entry not yet among the RSS data. The only issue I have with Wayne's updating of his blog is that by the time he gets up in the morning it's already past lunch time here. :-)

At Sun Jun 26, 05:14:00 AM, Blogger Trevor Jenkins said...

Can I suggest an improvement to this blog? In addition to Bible translation what about a Bible translator category? The interviews with translators provide an insight into the work and motivation of these often anonymous and ignored people.

At Sun Jun 26, 08:07:00 AM, Blogger Wayne Leman said...

Trevor suggested:
"Can I suggest an improvement to this blog? In addition to Bible translation what about a Bible translator category? The interviews with translators provide an insight into the work and motivation of these often anonymous and ignored people."

Trevor, are you thinking of something different from the interviews which I have been conducting with translators who are members of English Bible versions teams? The last interview was with Hall Harris of the NET Bible team.

At Sun Jun 26, 12:08:00 PM, Blogger Trevor Jenkins said...

The unusual but supposedly seasonal weather here is melting my brains. ;-) I meant improvement to the Technorati categories you are using. Your interview with Hall Harris was categorised as "Bible translation" but so too were the the two on Tweaking Shakespeare and Shane's Guide. When using the Technorati categories it would be nice to find only the interviews rather than have to shift through all the (very worthwhile) postings on Bible translation.

I hope that you will continue to interview translators. Would be very interesting to hear from those working on non-English translations too; I could suggest a few people if you like. ;-))

At Sun Jun 26, 02:34:00 PM, Blogger Wayne Leman said...

OK, Trevor, I can easily add a tag for "Bible translator." Good idea. Thanks. From Wayne, who sleeps until your lunch time!!


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