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Thursday, June 23, 2005

ESV Bible Blog: Responses to Comments around the Internet

The ESV Bible blog continues to monitor blog posts and stay current with its own ESV announcements. Click on the title to this post for the latests "responses to comments about the Internet" from the ESV Bible blog, including tantalizing hints of some new typesettings and more reference books to appear.

I want to say that I have observed the quality of the ESV webpages as well as the operation of the ESV Bible blog, and both are a major class act, top quality, lovely layout, excellent use of the latest webpage technologies. Blog posts are fair, responsive, timely, and non-defensive. I have had several email exchanges with Stephen Smith, the webmaster for Crossway's ESV webpages and blog, and my appreciation for him, his technical competence, and his spirit continues to grow. Stephen, if you are reading this, thank you for being the person you are. It can only help the ESV cause. The fact that you do not stoop to mean-spirited jabs at other Bible versions is a God-thing (as our son would call it), in my opinion. I wish that more people involved in Bible translation debates would learn from the example of people like you who do not get involved in public bashing of other versions or questioning the spirituality or motives of other Bible translators.

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