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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

e-sword: other modules

FYI, e-sword Bible modules which I regularly use are:

CEV (probably the clearest, most natural English of any major translation)
ESV (e-sword is faster access than my fumble fingers in my print edition)
GNB (Good News Bible)
GW (God's Word)
ISV (International Standard Version; a rather nice version)
NET (I still like all the notes in the full HTML free version.)

It's also nice that I can access the following when the fancy strikes me:

Geneva Bible
Bishops Bible

I would like Tyndale's version but it is difficult to find in public domain formats.

It is easy to copy and paste from e-version to other programs. There are also version compare and parallel functions which are helpful for viewing more than one version at a time for comparisons.

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At Thu Jun 30, 12:05:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


There is a version of Tyndale (among some other versions):

Best wishes!


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