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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Bible translation discussion lists

Some of you may really enjoy discussing Bible translation issues--and you just can't get enough of it on this blog! :-) Perhaps you have read a comment or two on this blog referring to a Bible Translation discussion list. I thought it would be helpful to point you toward information about that email discussion list in case you want to check it out. The Bible Translation discussion list has more than 300 subscribers (not all of whom are active, of course). The list has active for about 5 years, I think. I consider that many of the discussions on the list are interesting and profitable. There are subscribers to the list who are very competent in biblical exegesis and translation. They are good resource people to address with questions about Bible translation, how to translate a specific verse, or Hebrew or Greek word, etc. Of course, as with any discussion list, the more one puts into a list, the more one gets out of it. To learn more about the Bible Translation discussion list and how to subscribe to it, click here to go to its information webpage. I happen to be one of the list moderators, so if you get stuck with anything, feel free to email me privately with your concerns.

There are some other Bible translation discussions lists also. I sometimes post to the Bible Versions Discussion Board. A couple of days ago I discovered a forum on the website (the website associated with the NET Bible). These good folks, dedicated to providing good biblical scholarship throughout the world, have several forums, one of which is about Hebrew and Greek Exegesis, so there is a good deal of discussion which would be relevant to Bible translation.

There are some other discussion lists and discussion boards that sometimes deal with Bible translation issues, but those I have listed are ones that would give Bible translation and English Bible versions a major focus. If you know of similar resources that I have missed, please note then in comments to this post.

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