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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Communication Advice From Francis A. Schaeffer

I just found this post on the Apologia Christi blog. There is much in what Francis Schaeffer, one of my intellectual heroes, said that is relevant to how we should translate the Bible into English. Notice, for instance, that he says:
If we wish to communicate, then we must take the time and trouble to learn our hearers' use of languages so that they understand what we intend to convey.
I can't say it better. And if we follow Dr. Schaeffer's advice, we will produce better English Bibles. They will sound like they have been produced by native speakers of English. And they will communicate accurately and clearly not only to those within our church circles but also to those outside of them. Later Schaeffer says:
I suggest that if the word (or phrase) we are in the habit of using is no more than an orthodox evangelical cliché which has become a technical term among Christians, then we should be willing to give it up when we step outside our own narrow circle and talk to the people around us.
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