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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

ESV Scripture Menu

Today the ESV Bible blog features a beautiful Scripture Menu displayed on Michael Jones' website. Within the menu ESV passages are topically arranged. You can feast on the menu items by clicking on any of the menu links. This is one of the most attractive topical displays for Scripture access and resources that I have ever seen. Michael has done a great job, and he builds on the excellent ESV Web Service as the foundation for his Scripture Menu.

Michael Jones states on his website why he uses the ESV. He also says what I see many others noticing also:
there are still some defects in the [ESV] translation (still-archaic words and phrasings, that sort of thing) that are being worked on for an upcoming edition.
The ESV website, web services, and blog are so up-to-date technologically. Now, if only the ESV were as up-to-date in its English wordings, we would have a great combination. But I have hope for the future of the ESV as their team continues to revise the translation. It needs to have obsolete vocabulary and syntax removed. It needs to consistently follow the definitions which its literary stylist, Dr. Ryken, has described in his book, The Word of God in English, for "essentially literal" translation. And verse wordings which make little, if any sense, need to be revised from obscurity to clarity, when they can be, so that they are as clear in contemporary English as they were in the biblical language source texts.



At Mon Aug 01, 01:07:00 PM, Anonymous Michael Jones said...


I appreciate the kind words about the site! I hope that it is memorable enough in design and theme that people remember it, and useful enough that it draws people closer to the Lord. I will add that if anyone wants to contact me directly, they can do so through the contact form on the site... I appreciate any and all suggestions.


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