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Friday, July 22, 2005

Introducing Peter Kirk

Some of you may have noticed that the name Peter Kirk has been listed for several days as one of the contributors to this blog. It is my privilege to introduce Peter to you, and it is appropriate to do so since he has just published his first post, the preceding one on 1 Cor. 7:1.

I have gotten to know Peter over the past several years by email. Some of my email friendships have become so special to me that I feel like I have almost met my email friend in person, and this is the case with Peter. Peter's heart is in Bible translation work, as is each of the other contributors to this blog. Peter was born in and lives in the U.K. He has worked with a major Bible translation organisation. Although he is no longer with them now, he continues his work on a Bible translation in the Caucasus region near Turkey.

Peter brings to this blog an expertise in Biblical Hebrew. Welcome, Peter! And thank you for being willing to contibute posts to this blog. May God bless your contributions here and elsewhere for the Bible translation effort worldwide.

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