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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Metzger on Bible translation

Bible scholar (and translator) Bruce Metzger (of Princeton Theological Seminary) held a series of lectures at Dallas Theological Seminary on Bible translation issues a number of years ago. I find his comments interesting and helpful. You might also. Thanks to Rob Bradshaw, of the (U.K.) blog, we can access Metzger's lectures and many other downloadable files from Rob's ronderful repository of references relevant to reverential readings (I'm trying to wake up!). To get to Metzger's lectures, click on the title to this post. To get to lectures #3 and 4, substitute a 3 or 4 for the 2 in the URL above. I have not yet been able to locate a URL for the first lecture in the series, but I have emailed Rob about it.

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At Thu Aug 11, 11:43:00 AM, Blogger Wayne Leman said...

Rob has responded and tells me that he did not get lecture #1.



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