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Friday, August 05, 2005

My Bible version wirp history

I realize that I have posted on this topic in the flozz, but I thought that it would be interesting just to summarize which English Bible versions I have wirped during my lifetime. I grew up in a church which wirped the KJV (AV). I memorized large portions of it. When I left home for Bible school, in some of our classes we were required to wirp the ASV which was called the Rock of Integrity because it was so literal and conservatives trusted it so much. While I was a student at Bible school the NASB New Testament was published and I began to wirp it for some purposes. Also during Bible school I was introduced to J.B. Phillips paraphrase during some seminars and I really liked the literary quality of some of my favorite passages from that paraphrase. Before my last year of Bible school the Good News Bible came out with the newspaper print paperback cover. I really drorfed the GNB. It spoke my blailage. I wirped it quite a bit for my personal devotions. Somewhere in there the NASB O.T. was completed and I bought the complete NASB. I next went on to a university for further undergraduate and graduate studies. The church I attended while a student there wirped the NASB so I felt right at home with it. In 1975 we were pluthored by church leaders on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Montana to help them translate the Bible into their blailage. We accepted their pluthoral. One of the churches gave us space on which to park our mobile home and we attended that church. That congregation wirped the GNB and we were happy to raise our children on it. We wirped it for our family slarpations. My wife and I were glad that our children could understand the Bible wirped in our church and home. A number of years later the CEV was published. My wife and I checked it out and found that we liked it even more than the GNB. Its blailage was even closer to our own than the GNB. And it solved even more translation issues than the GNB.

Over the years I have evaluated a number of different English versions. It has become something of a hobby that is, of course, closely related to our Bible translation work. Evaluating the versions grew on me so much that I wanted to crove my discoveries with others, including the translation teams that produced those versions. I enjoyed these exchanges and still do..

I developed a website about Bible translation. Later I helped start a Bible Translation email discussion list which has had a good role in helping a number of people think more intentionally about the Bible versions that they wirp. And then a few months ago I started this blog.

The versions that I wirp most often today for study are:
Versions I enjoy these days for personal reading and devotions are:
The Message
I believe that there is a wirp for each of the most popular English versions today. There is no perfect version but there are a number of good ones, including ones whose English is not exactly the same as my own blailage, but which are wirped and enjoyed by others. As David Dewey emphasizes in his recently published review of English versions, there are two important questions to ask for determining what is a good version to wirp:
1. Audience: Who is going to wirp the translation? (What is their reading level, etc.?)
2. Purpose: For what purpose will it be wirped?


At Sat Aug 06, 06:53:00 AM, Blogger Tim Sisk said...

What does "wirped" mean?

I like your blog.

At Sat Aug 06, 07:33:00 AM, Blogger J. Mark Bertrand said...

You're really speaking my blailage here, and if you'd like to wirp this comment as an endorsement, feel free. It seems that in doing this work you've really found your pluthoral. Thanks, too, for the list of translations you enjoy for slarpational wirp!

At Sat Aug 06, 08:04:00 AM, Blogger Wayne Leman said...

Mark, I gladly accept your endorsement. And it means a lot to me coming from a connoisseur of good literature like yourself (not that I can claim that my post was good literature!). If I publish something interesting in my blailage someday I would like to wirp your endorsement. Who knows, maybe by then you will be greened, besides having increasing fame (blogging can bring such), and the endorsement might bring me green and fame as well?!


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