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Friday, September 09, 2005

b-hebrew search tool

A couple of days ago we posted a notice about a new tool for searching the archives of the Biblical Greek (b-greek) discussion list. Bob Firth, who designed that search tool, has notified us that he has made a search tool for the b-hebrew list also:
Thanks for making this more known Wayne. I hope that a few people will find it useful.

I've just made one for the Biblical Hebrew discussion list too, although I am not a subscriber so I haven't even mentiond it to the list. It was simply a matter of find and replace "greek" with "hebrew" so I thought I might as well. If anyone is a member of b-hebrew then you might like to let the list know.

I have put both of them in the category Arts->Literature on the mycroft (search plugin) site.

The icons I have used are completely arbitrary, so if anyone has a better one for either list let me know and I'll happily change it.

And our thanks to you, Bob, for letting us know about these helpful search tools you have made.

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