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Friday, September 09, 2005

podcast on David

I just received this request:
Hi Wayne,

I run a series of podcats on Jewish literature and culture for Nextbook, and this week I've got a story online that I thought, from reading your site you might be interested in.

I've interviewed former poet-laureate-of-the US, Robert Pinsky, on the life of David... as a poet, warrior, father, king. Pinsky has just written a book on the subject, and it's pretty good stuff.

It's really a touching podcast, and I'm very proud of the way it turned out. In particular, Pinsky's discussion on Michal/women, and his reading of the Elegy for Saul is SO moving...

Any chance you might help me spread the word? We work so hard on these things, and I really want folks to hear this....

Here's a link: If you just click on "listen to podcast" you should be able to hear the interview!!!

Thanks so much!

From me,

for weekly podcasts:
I think a number of visitors to this blog would be interested in the online interview and weekly podcasts on Jewish literature, which, of course, forms a context for the study of the Hebrew Bible.

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