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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Podcasting the Bible

Blogger Tim Bulkeley follows up by email on our "Cognitive Bibles" post:
Wayne, On your mother tongue post: I think that today for many (particularly but not exclusively younger) people their native language is spoken not written English. They can read, they scan web pages, Mags, newspapers etc.. But they do not naturally read (I have lots of students who say "I never had to read so much in my life!") That's why some of us are planning to podcast the Bible. To put it into their native language - spoken English! The details are at
I wish Tim and others all the best in their Bible podcasting efforts. People need access to God's Word, whether they get it through reading or oral media. If it is oral, then we need to consider the differences between spoken and written language. It makes sense that we should try to use Bible versions which maximize the characteristics of oral language so that oral communication of the Bible can be processed by hearers without the cognitive difficulties which written language adds in oral settings.


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