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Sunday, November 06, 2005

NET Bible repaired

Actually, its the HTML file of the NET Bible which has been repaired. In an UPDATE notice in my previous post I mentioned that footnotes were not accessible from my latest download of the NET Bible. That file has been repaired and the footnotes now work. If you go to the link in the previous post, download the standard HTML file (zipped). That should be the repaired file. Please post a comment here if that file has any problem for you.

I am posting this from my dorm room at a Bible translation workshop in Dallas, Texas. Although I am surrounded by a high-speed network and wireless network connectivity in some areas of the campus, I can access neither from my dorm room. At least not until offices open Monday morning when I am supposed to be at the workshop all day each day, Monday through Friday.

It is getting on toward late Sunday afternoon. I have been trying to access the Internet since I arrived last night (I did take time out to sleep!). I only now just got access to the Internet. I have backup service with Netzero and Juno, and sometimes AOL, when I travel. I don't have an AOL CD with me on this trip. Netzero doesn't recognize my username or password. But Juno allowed me on. It's a very slow connection, but I was able to access this BBB blog. Now I hope I can post this and you can read it.



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