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Friday, April 07, 2006

ESV: Decker responds to Collins

Prof. Rodney Decker just notified me of a paper he presented at the N.E. ETS meetings a few days ago. It is an irenic, scholarly response to a previous paper given by Dr. John Collins, O.T. editor of the ESV. Those interested in a scholarly discussion of issues concerning the ESV translation will want to read Rod's paper. It is downloadable as a free pdf file.

This notice is not intended to interrupt the flow of posts which we've been having recently on the BBB by Suzanne and Richard. It's just a timely notice of an important subject.

UPDATE: Two or three people emailed me saying they were unable to download and/or view the pdf file linked from this post. I have not been able to determine what the problem is. A common denominator, so far, may be attempts to view the file with a Macintosh computer. One person solved the problem by updating his Adobe viewer or using a different viewing program. I'd be interested in comments from any of you who may not have been able to read the pdf file.


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