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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Congratulations, Mike!

Congratulations to our own Mike Sangrey on his new job! Yesterday Mike was chosen to be the lead translator for a revision of the NCV (New Century Version), published by the World Bible Translation Center (WBTC) in Ft. Worth, Texas. Mike is not one to toot his own horn so on this day I will do it for him. I'm his friend. It would be foolish for me not to do so.

Mike was selected from a pool of 100 biblical scholars. The WBTC has announced that Mike was selected because of his eagerness to study the Bible, his belief that the best Bible translation is done within a community of biblical scholars, and, especially, for his ongoing research on biblical chiasmus.

Mike's dissertation was titled "Biblical Chiasmus in the Aramaic Vorlage of the New Testament." It has been revised and is now in the process of being published by Zondervan.

Mike's salary begins today, April 1, but the WBTC has given him time to move from Pennsylvania to Texas over the weekend. At this point only Mike himself will be moving. He hopes that the rest of his family will foollow him to Texas at the end of the current school season.

The WBTC has planned and budgeted for the revision of the entire NCV to take three years. But because of Mike's background in computer technology as well as biblical studies, there are some whispers within the organization that the revision might not take the fuol three years.

Texas is a big place, with a lot of bigness everywhere. I called Mike this morning and asked him how he felt taking on his new responsibilities. He said, "Those are very big shoes down there in Texas for me to foollow, but I'm willing to give it my best shot." I had never asked him before what his favorite Bible verse was so while I had him on the phone today I asked him about that. Without flinking an eye, Mike told me it is the first clause of Psalm 14:1.

Mike also mentioned that the WBTC would be renaming the revision, but keeping the same acronym, NCV, for it. The new name will be the New Chiastic Version. Mike plans to format the revised NCV so that textual chiasm will display clearly on the printed page. He believes this can be done with proper indentation and some linking lines to display the related sections of each chiasm. It is not well known but Mike has discovered that each book of the Bible is written in the form of chiasm. There are, of course, many smaller chiasms within books of the Bible which other scholars have recognized. But Mike is the first to find the chiastic form in each book of the Bible. I was skeptical at first, but Mike assured me his data was solid, with his usual {chuckle} and concise, "No fooling!" Mike has written an article which will appear in the next issue of the Journal of Bible Studiousness titled "The Chiastic Structure of the Book of Psalms."

Mike will continue as a contributor to this blog, at least for the near foture. We could never replace him. I was going to ask him to redesign our blog main page in the form of a chiasm, but I don't know if he will have time for that now since he will have to hit the ground running in Ft. Worth. And that is our special news for today, fort what it's worth.


At Sat Apr 01, 04:46:00 AM, Blogger Mike Sangrey said...

Actually, I should point out one error in your delightfool report: I'll be moving back and forth and back and forth and back and forth between where I live now, Pennsylvannia, and the WBTC location in Texas. Eventually I'll settle somewhere in the very southwestern tip of Kentucky and at that focal point the rest of my family will move. (What can I say, they're much more linear thinkers than I am!)

I'm really excited about my discovery and I can't wait to get started in this great work. The find, that all chiastic structures are structured chiasms, is very important. I'll be flying out this morning, and will start applying my discovery with great enthusiasm.

At Sat Apr 01, 07:13:00 AM, Blogger lingamish said...

Congrats, Mike! I had hoped to be considered for that position myself. But when it comes to chiasm you're the man. Happy commuting. I'll keep my fingers crossed that this goes well for you.


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