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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Found Through Translation

Michael at Kruse Kronicle posted a great extract from and link to a Washington Post article about Bible translation into a language of the Solomon Islands. When the translated text was launched, a pastor said:
Now God has arrived in our culture.


At Tue Jan 30, 09:27:00 PM, Blogger Suzanne McCarthy said...

Thanks for linking to this, Peter. I read it but didn't have time to post on it.

At Wed Jan 31, 08:15:00 AM, Blogger Wayne Leman said...

Peter, I have forwarded a link to the newspaper article to a co-worker who used to work in the Solomon Islands. Thanks for posting this news. Increasingly, there are individuals like this man around the world who are capable of translating the Bible into their own languages. Hopefully, they will have some training or intuitive skills which can help them avoid the pitfalls of some kinds of translation.


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