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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bible in Limerick Verse

This is one of those request posts. I have several requests on the table but they take thought. Here is one that didn't take any thought at all. It comes from Iyov. He wants to hear our thoughts on the Bible in Limerick by Christopher Goodwins. (I'll start off - the others here are encouraged to post as well on their reaction to this new and revolutionary version.)

My favourites are as follows - from the Old Testament,
    Job came out in boils everywhere
    The thing that might make a man swear!
    But sitting in ashes
    Job scraped at his rashes,
    And spent a week pulling his hair.
Now we know what Iyov was up to last week! The other verses don't scan nearly as well as this one. Some require an accent that I definitely lack.

    God’s holiness, greatness, and power
    We praise, with loud music, each hour!
    Harp, trumpet ,and lute,
    Cymbals, dances, and flute!
    All whó breathe - praise God, our Pa-pa!

And from the New Testament,

    A crowd had been round Him for hours
    'They’ll be hungry,' said Jesus. His powers
    To feed them He used.
    With compassion, He mused -
    'Fish and bread, more than ever, are yours!'

    Saul, breathing threatening and slaughter,
    Killed dad and mum - yes - son and daughter.
    On Damascus’ road,
    Jesus called him, aloud!
    He became Paul - the Christian’s aorta!

    Author's Epilogue

    The Bible Word never retires.
    Read now, while the Spirit inspires.
    Find out that it's true!
    What does God say to
    Then do it, until breath expires!

As to my thoughts on this stuff. Well, for all those who want a common Bible to commit to memory - I think we have it. I commend to you the Bible in Limerick Verse - it really hums along.


At Mon Aug 13, 08:02:00 AM, Blogger Wayne Leman said...

It was fun reading these poems,
but will many be found in homes
of those who frequent the Word,
since not all have heard
Bibles aren't simply old-fashioned tomes?


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