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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Brick Testament

I hope y'all don't think I have lost my funny bone. I have been fairly busy recently. But in dedication to Lingamish's wiping out his sidebar, let me add a little salad to the mix.

The Brick Testament has an interpretation of the Garden of Eden in which Adam names the animals "Doug" "Ralph" and "Murdock". Nope, not what he was looking for! He finally gets his matching Lego mate. Ah ha! This interpretation of Genesis 2 and 3 is completely by the book, no surprises - it is rated N for nudity (if lego figures can be called nude) and C for cursing. Yes, there are indeed curses in Gen. 3.

One thing really puzzles me, however. Who are the redhaired and greenhaired angels with God in the second last frame of this sequence? This is an interesting interpretation of the phrase "like one of us."

I would have linked to this resource much earlier but it is quite difficult to find an appropriate narrative that is free of overt violence and sexual content. Oddly the Garden of Eden seems to be one of the few.

PS The Christmas story uses a more modern translation of the text than the Garden of Eden.

PPS I have not been responding to comments either here or on my bookshelf blog recenlty. They are very much appreciated, but I have only limited time and I felt that it would be best spent writing new posts, ones which focus on encouraging and building community through answering special blog post requests or sharing a little light humour.

Thank you to the blogging community for friendship, and all the Christmas greetings and newsletters, etc. I hope to keep writing through the holidays, at least a little.


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