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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Wicked Prodigal

I haven't seen anyone else mention it so I'll draw your attention to the fact that I was mentioned on the latest Biblical Studies Carnival as the newest member of the Better Bible Blog contributors. I was feeling a bit overlooked since I hadn't been mentioned anywhere else on the Carnival for my brilliant Biblical studies efforts on my Lingamish blog. I thought maybe something like Learn New Testament Greek By Singing, or If Heaven Is So Exciting, Why Are Your Sermons So Dull?, or 10 Reasons Blogging Is Better Than Going To Church would have surely been listed for their transcendent theological insights. But it did warm my heart to get several lines of copy in the Carnival:

Another member of the blogging community, David Ker, has been added to the list of those participating in the Better Bibles Blog (a group blog). Without seeming irreverent, I do have a question for the folk over there: ‘What the devil are you thinking adding Ker to your happy family??? ‘ You’ve invited the wicked prodigal to the supper table and he’s sure to steal the rolls off the children’s plates. He makes up Psalms of his own, for pete’s sake… he’s quite mad!

Thanks, Jim, for the mention.

P.S. I plan to follow up my last post as soon as I recover from a cold and get my life back on track after the long weekend at the beach.

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At Tue May 06, 04:51:00 AM, Blogger Jim said...

My pleasure. ;-)

At Tue May 06, 01:51:00 PM, Blogger Peter Kirk said...

David, welcome back! The fatted calf is on the barbecue waiting for you to change into that best robe. Brother Jim is invited too if he doesn't spoil the party.

At Tue May 06, 03:12:00 PM, Blogger Mike Sangrey said...

David wrote:
P.S. I plan to follow up my last post as soon as I recover...

Ummmm...I'm confused. How can you follow up on your LAST post?

O! Now wait a minute. You meant PREVIOUS post. That's something different.


In any case, the prodigal was awarded the joy of a very happy reception by his father. You ever notice the short sentences his father uses after he runs to meet his son? One excited daddy.

Glad you're back. Neat! I'm happy!

Give that guy a ring!!!

At Tue May 06, 06:12:00 PM, Blogger Richard A. Rhodes said...

OK, I need a shot of whatever it is you're drinking. You're out there on the field, doing all the things you need to do to get a translation done, and you're blogging on three (or is it four) blogs, AND you have time to go to the beach!

I do two conferences in three weekends (both of which I should write about), I'm behind on my ditranstives paper, which was due Friday. And I don't see a window to put up a single post for the next week or so.

As I said, I need a shot of whatever it is you're drinking.

(BTW, I spent a nice hour talking with Robert Alter this morning. I should post about that as well.)

At Tue May 06, 09:12:00 PM, Blogger David Ker said...

Thank you for the nice reception. Can I have that extra roll on your plate?

Mike, that last vs. previous thing is weird. Maybe I was trying to not sound high-falutin'?

Rich, I'm not drinking Carlsberg that's for sure. Bleck! One reason I have a lot of extra time is no commute to work! And it always amazed us how busy church/school activities kept us when we were in the US. Something every night of the week.

At Thu May 08, 03:13:00 AM, Blogger J. K. Gayle said...

I spent a nice hour talking with Robert Alter this morning. I should post about that as well.

David, Quick give Rich some of that stuff. Rich, we want to hear more, please!


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