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Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Source New Testament

Today's mail brought me my ordered copy of the latest translation of the New Testament to be published. It is called The Source. The translator is Dr. Ann Nyland, a Classical Greek scholar, who is also well-versed in the Greek of the New Testament. Prepublication versions of Ann's translation were posted a few years ago on the Internet so I was already familiar with this translation and was looking forward to its publication.

The English of The Source is some of the best quality I have read in any Bible version. This translation truly has literary excellence. Dr. Nyland knows how to write English well, not dumbed down, but good quality literary English which should be appreciated by a wide range of readers, including those with sophisticated literary tastes.

For now The Source can only be purchased online from its Australian publisher, Smith and Stirling. I hope that The Source will soon be stocked by bookstores and online booksellers outside of Australia, as well.

Unfortunately, I just discovered that I ordered the wrong edition of The Source. I thought I would save money by purchasing a paperback edition, which I did receive. But the difference between the more expensive edition of The Source and the less expensive one is not, as I thought, that of a hardback versus a paperback, but, rather, of the less expensive one not containing the "Extensive Notes on Greek Word Meaning" which, coming from a Greek lexicographer like Dr. Nyland, will be very valuable. So, I will now order the more expensive version, and if anyone on this list would like to purchase the edition without the Greek notes from me, please contact me privately by email.

The Source is sure to stir up debate among Bible scholars and that is a good thing. Dr. Nyland is well grounded in Greek lexicography and bases her translation on that lexicographic research. Not everyone will agree with her, but I hope that everyone will take this translation seriously. It is, IMO, one of the best.

I know that some of you who visit this blog have already received your copies of The Source. I welcome your comments on it. And I encourage others to purchase this new translation and comment on it. It will be most interesting to evaluate The Source further as we get into the finer details of its translation wordings.

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At Sun Jul 24, 04:21:00 AM, Blogger D. P. said...

Sounds like something I want on my bookshelf! Thanks for the tip and mini-review.


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