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Thursday, May 05, 2005

ESV revisions

The ESV TOC (Translation Oversight Committee) will begin meetings May 31 to consider revisions which they have felt their translation needs and revision suggestions which have been sent to them by others during the three years since the ESV was published.

Click on the title for this post to get further details about the meetings.

The ESV team cannot accept any further revision suggestions for these meetings. But they have emailed me that they still welcome suggestions, which can be considered at other meetings in the future. You can email your suggestions to the ESV team. It would be nice if you would also post your suggestions to the ESV section of this blog, since there are benefits from posting publicly where others can interact with your comments. "Iron sharpens iron," as the Bible says.

The ESV team asks for prayer for God's guidance during their meetings. A good request.


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